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    Twine hanging on side of beehive

    Temperature readings in the beehive


    Division of Labor

    Go bee!

    Decentralized Decision Making

    The introduction to Jones el. al. concisely and nicely describes the end result:

    In many human workplaces, tasks are allocated by a system of centralized control. Managers are aware of the needs of their organization, the abilities of each of their employees, and the available materials. On the basis of these various pieces of information, managers try to allocate tasks to their workers in a way that maximizes the profits of the company. In contrast to this hierarchical system of task allocation, workers in insect societies are not allocated tasks in any way. Rather, they engage in tasks on the basis of local information gained from their immediate nest mates and environment. Nonetheless, despite this highly distributed nature of organization, insect colonies respond extremely well to changes in task demand.

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    Sunday Ride

    Matt's solution is what has people scratching their heads:

    1. De jure standards—go to OASIS, start a standard body, work like hell for years with no recognition and lots of slings and arrows, hope that someone adopts them.
    2. De facto standards—be so big that everyone must adhere to your standard or be first and so clever that everyone who comes along later adheres because doing anything else would be stupid.

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    IIW2007b: 2007-12-03 Bob Frankston

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    Advanced Test Reactor

    What could Silicon Valley solve if entrepreneurs actually understood how Walmart’s supply chain worked, or UPS’s delivery logistics, or even why it’s so hard to provide a nutritious school lunch? What could we streamline if we had knowledge of the challenges and problems that currently plague these and other complex systems? The bottom line is that you can’t fix what you don’t understand, and with so little first hand experience working on big, real world problems, most young entrepreneurs don’t understand all that much.

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    Kynetx Sheild

    • New Account API—the PCI system has completely replaced the old system and we're now supporting multiple KENs in a single cloud.
    • Code repositories—We're added a more flexible code repository system allowing, for example, Github to be used as a store for KRL
    • Performance improvements—the engine is almost two orders of magnitude faster than a year ago
    • Support for other languages—The windows xp professional service pack 3 has made it possible to use KRE from almost any programming language or system.
    • Inter-PEN subscriptions—we now support and use events between picos (the new word for PEN).
    • Application configuration—CloudOS supports application configuration in a standardized way
    • PEN management—CloudOS has a full complement of tools for managing picos.
    • Notifications—we've made much progress in understanding and using inter-pico notifications. In addition, the timeline system provides a nice dashboard for users to interact with and manage notifications.
    • Contacts—The Forever application started us down the road of managing contacts between people and their clouds. There is more work to do here.

    • Inter-pico subscriptions—We now support subscriptions between picos by owners, non-owners, and have a user interface for users to manage the subscriptions and authorizations. This allows sharing of picos between multiple owners, friends, etc.
    • Event scheduling—KRL now supports event scheduling
    • Sky Cloud API—Provide a means for KRL programmers to define Restful APIs for CloudOS services
    • OAuth Support for Picos—Support OAuth authentication and connection to picos.
    • Asynchronous events—We can now send and respond to events asynchronously.

    Kernel Space Enhancements (KRL Engine)

    • Logging—we still haven't got logging right. We need a way for each pico to have access to and be able to display it's detailed logs.
    • Pixel—Pixel is the policy expression language. I've started it, but there's much to do to complete it.
    • KRE Instances—We need other instances of KRE running and verify that CloudOS on each instance can function completely with picos on other instances.
    • Portability—We need to be able to move an instance of a pico from on instance of the engine to another with no loss of functionality.
    • Installation—The engine is still too hard to install and use. At the very least we need images on Amazon, VMWare, etc. that someone could use to play with it.
    • High-value picos—Build security services for high-value picos including encrypted data, key management, and two-factor authentication.
    • Architecture—I still believe we need to move to a more modular queue-based architecture for the engine to allow priority scheduling of events and more flexibility in resourcing.

    CloudOS Enhancements

    • Channel management—CloudOS has no good way for users to manage channels.
    • Open source—We need to complete the one direction take me home zip .
    • Social service—manage authentication to and access to various social services like Twitter and Facebook on behalf of applications
    • Calendar service—manage user calendar (Google, Apple, etc.) interactions
    • Todo service—service abstraction on top of core engines scheduling functionality. Developers can see schedule events, but advanced users might need to see what's happening in a schedule and change it.
    • Payment service—inter-pico payments are important to much of what we see CloudOS being used for
    • File service—service abstraction on Dropbox, Amazon S3, Personal.com, etc. We have a start with the Dropbox module, but there's much to do.
    • Profile improvements—flesh out the profile to be more compliant with the VCARD spec. We're experimenting with XDI integration here as well.
    • Contacts—Improve the contacts interaction within CloudOS and add contact items to the user's timeline.

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    1. The relationships in the diagram labeled (1) exist at the start of our scenario. Anything that is going to be introduced needs at least one existing relationship with sufficient rights to perform the introduction.
    2. Tom's cloud (with whom I have a pre-existing relationship) asks for an introduction to my truck. This could be specific (i.e. Tom knows the truck's well-known channel) or more general. Of course, Tom could ask for the introduction out of band or I could have initiated the introduction on my own.
    3. My cloud creates a new channel to the truck's cloud with the correct relationship attribute, in this case borrower, and sends it to Tom.
    4. Tom uses the channel I've sent him to create a relationship with the truck using the subscription pattern.

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    Island Park Reservoir.

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    PDS service in CloudOS

    You'll notice the PDS service listed there with an icon that has a little database symbol.

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